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Sovereign Group Mission

The Sovereign Group was founded by the CEO, Mr John Sidney, who has over 20 years of cleaning experience working with CLD Services and ISS in the UK. Recognising that the building and cleaning industry is rapidly changing in its methods and technology, our strength lies in our dedicated management, quality and innovation. Our reputation is based on total commitment to excellence and to provide our clients with a complete package through our comprehensive list of services. This list of services is designed to ease pressure-and make the work place a more enjoyable environment by placing all our client needs and requirements under one umbrella.

Total Quality: From the onset of a new enquiry we visit each site to ascertain each clients' specific needs so we can provide a tailored specification covering all aspects of the work to be carried out.

Security: All prospective employees are subject to a stringent selection process and they are also required to provide a passport photograph which is sealed into a pass and should be carried at all times on the site, they are also regularly monitored and inspected using our own visit reports and performance indicator sheets.

Health & Safety: We ensure that we always use the safest working practices, thus protecting our staff, our clients, and their staff plus members of the general public. We invest a great deal of time and money in training each member and promoting our company as safe, reliable and professional.